LOYAC Lebanon

Our History

The Lothan Youth Achievement Center, known as LOYAC, was founded in Kuwait through the initiative of seven strong and independent women who believed in the power and ideas of youth in the Arab World. They advocated for granting the youth a fair chance in decision-making and providing a safe space for them to express themselves and their ideas, recognizing them as the future leaders.
The mission of LOYAC Lebanon began in 2009 when the founder, Mrs. Fareah Al Saqqaf, observed a lack of youth empowerment in Lebanon. Consequently, she decided to expand LOYAC from Kuwait to Lebanon by establishing a new branch.
LOYAC operates in three different countries, in addition to our headquarters in Kuwait (Established in 2002): Jordan (Established in 2008), Lebanon (Established in 2009), and Yemen (Established in 2014).

At LOYAC, we have been working tirelessly in our mission to empower the youth in Lebanon through three main pillars of engagement:

  • Life & Personal Empowerment:We offer soft skills workshops, science bootcamps, art programs, fashion design, sport activities, and gatherings, fostering personal growth and self-expression.
  • Professional Empowerment: Our initiatives encompass professional workshops and programs that span from legal counseling to essential career skills, work shadowing, internships, and tech-related programs, all aimed at equipping youth with the skills and experiences necessary for a successful career.
  • Community Empowerment: We provide opportunities for community service, volunteering, and leadership experiences, encouraging youth to actively participate and contribute to the betterment of their communities.


LOYAC is a non-profit organization focusing on the holistic development of youth aged between  5 & 40 through diverse programs in collaboration with professionals and organizations. They emphasize sustainable relationships with civil society, private and public sectors, and community service, and they receive support from individuals and organizations sharing their mission.


Empowering the youth through unique opportunities to evolve into highly effective leaders.


Enlightened youth for peace and prosperity.

Our Values

Founder's Message

Mrs. Fareah Al Saqqaf

Our partners, sponsors, friends,

I am honored to write this letter and comment on LOYAC Lebanon’s achievements which have surpassed all expectations in their humanitarian value and significance during a year that was full of challenges and struggles.

Does this success represent the beginning of greater prosperity for the civil society in Lebanon?

LOYAC Lebanon began its year with great economic, health, and security challenges, some of which were related to the political and economic conditions locally and others related to the global Corona pandemic. However, it ended the year with a much greater and more painful challenge, the Beirut port explosion and its subsequent setbacks. Lebanon was the face of the international news scene, and LOYAC Lebanon found itself amidst all these challenges that pushed it, humanly and morally, to quickly interact with the crises, responding to the priorities of the Lebanese community without hesitation and thriving with the support and encouragement of LOYAC Kuwait.


The achievements of LOYAC Lebanon culminated in the “”Rise Up Beirut”” project, which started a few hours after the port explosion. It directly drew the attention of the board of directors of LOYAC, companies as well as individuals both Lebanese and Kuwaiti who reached out in appreciation of the speedy response of LOYAC Lebanon, the clarity of its vision, the plan that put into effect, and the efficiency of their work on the ground in record time.

The book in your hands contains ample proof evidence that LOYAC Lebanon, its management and volunteers, deserve honorable recognition for a year full of giving.

On behalf of the LOYAC board of directors in Kuwait and Lebanon, I extend sincere thanks, deep gratitude, and appreciation to every donor and supporter of LOYAC Lebanon. From LOYAC’s board of trustees to its management, partners, sponsors, volunteers, supporters, friends, and employees in every Arab country in which we operate, I salute you with respect and appreciation and I tell you: “You are our heroes par excellence.”

Mrs. Fareah Al Saqqaf, Founder and Chairperson.


Our Team

Professionals, collaborating seamlessly to achieve shared goals and deliver exceptional results.

Nadia Ahmad

Managing Director

Mohamad Bissani

Deputy Managing Director

Ibrahim Itani

Officer, Human Resources & Administration

Diala Abou Rich

Officer, Monitoring & Evaluation Unit (M.E.A.L)

Maysa Mroueh

Program Coordinator, Darb

Amina Khalife

Social Media Officer

Mohamad Moukhayesh

Graphic Designer

Fady Sabra


Hiba Hasan

Unit Coordinator, Youth Tech

Rayan Fakhourji

Program Coordinator, Little LOYACers

Shahed Fawaz

Leader Health Team