Drama Club

The Drama club activities includes writing and directing short movies, theater and creating web series. As well as various movie screenings.

Art Club

We believe that everybody is an artist in his/her own special way.Art enhance building resilient youth by its ability to rebound, bounce back, and transcend adversity.

LOYAC public intervention at Beirut Design Week, which was the launching of LOYAC Art Club. We were able to connect with citizens and foreigners to create a cohesive art piece through unleashing the creativity of youth who will use diverse types of materials.

Sports Club

The Sports club is a community where members get to release their energy and become physically active. Events such as basketball tournaments and self-defense classes take place regularly.

Book Club

We welcome everyone, including Bookworms! We will be launching a book discussion club where members and participants get the chance of presenting, discussing and sharing ideas about books and articles that tackle any topic!

Interested in one of the clubs?

Please send us an email on: community@loyac.org indicating your preferences.