LOYAC organizes various workshops that focus on developing skills that are required in both the personal and professional domain

Community Service

LOYAC is community and youth driven, in which events are organized to engage the youth with their communities.


LOYAC is a platform that helps the youth find internships that would add to their professional skills.


Diverse continuing education activities including workshops on soft and technical skills that extend education to constant learning, leading to increase career options.

All workshops are provided for our LOYACers for free where our fellow volunteer professional instructors have been generous enough to embrace our students steadily.

On average, we offer our students 70 workshops per year delivered by 44 trainers. Our diverse list of workshops include workshops such as Self-empowerment, Self-management, Public Speaking, Art of Networking, Business Etiquette, Value of Volunteerism, life skills, Creative Drama, Expression through Art and Personality Profiles etc.

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Community Service

Community Service activities are initiated and executed by our youth where LOYAC is their platform to be innovative in their social responsibility activities. They believe that collective effort brings in collective impact.

During Adha, our LOYACers visited different Orphanages and Elderly Houses where they were able to draw the smile on the orphans and Elderly people faces.

Environmental Campaign, Homes Qalamoun and 4 Days Academy are being prepared by our students and will be implemented soon.

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Upon completing a required number of workshops and community service, students are granted the chance to join one of our supporting companies for internship where they are mentored into skilled candidates for future employment opportunities.

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