Local Outreach

Our Local Outreach programs aim at deepening social responsibility in the youth. Hence, at LOYAC we adopt a bottom-up approach in project development and implementation. The youth are viewed as key local players and are free to express their views and concerns regarding their society. The youth help in defining the goals with their own analysis of the community’s needs. This way, LOYAC is able to develop community based projects that would meet the youth vision of positive social change.

Global Outreach

Cultural exchange is essential in shaping enlightened youth. Our community outreach projects extend beyond the physical borders of countries, in which LOYACers are always encouraged to get engaged in different communities outside of Lebanon. LOYACers from Lebanon frequently travel to different countries such as Kenya, Jordan and Kuwait to get involved in their community projects. In a similar manner, LOYAC is always welcoming youth from abroad to volunteer and participate in the projects that are implemented in Lebanon. For example, MobArt welcomes volunteers from the international community to get engaged in its implementation.