LOYAC believes in keeping its program engaging for the youth.


Through the offered programs we are always aiming at preparing creative youth that would bring about positive change.

Social Responsibility

We aims at deepening the social responsibility of the youth through the given programs.

Building skills

Through our various programs, we try to provide the needed platforms to build skills that would prepare the youth for the professional world.

Community Outreach

We aim at deepening the sense of social responsibility in the youth through our community outreach programs which take place locally and globally.

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Personal and Professional Development

PPD program is one of the most prominent programs at LOYAC. It is a program where students and graduates are given the needed skills for the work place through various workshops, internship and community service projects.

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Youth Engagement

Fun and creativity is a key factor in what makes LOYAC what it is. We offer extra-curricula activities for the youth through Art, Drama and Sports Club!

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Various workshops are offered at LOYAC every month free of charge. Topics cover: CV writing, Self-Management, Emotional Intelligence, Market Skills and many more.


Intaj is a program that can span from 3 weeks to two months of intensive training delivered to a specific targeted local groups in Beqaa. It works on delivering the needed skills and knowledge that would help in increasing the chance of the participants employability.

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