Initiated in 2017, MobArt is a comprehensive humanitarian project designed to serve a small community made up of 80 families based at the Faour Camp in the Bekaa valley of Lebanon. Over the past four years, MobArt Camp programs and staff brought together young adults from different nationalities and countries who deliver and facilitate different educational and art activities. MobArt also provides essential aid for families during winter and summer seasons such as oil, wood, blankets, clothes, and food boxes. Through MobArt, we aim to continuously educate, empower, and enlighten marginalized communities.

LOYAC delivered the winter aid distribution
which includes diesel as a source of heating
to the families living in the Faour Camps where 160 gallons where given to out beneficiaries.

On the occasion of MobArt's 5th anniversary, LOYAC organized 'Cermes and Termes' to celebrate empowering more than 80 families and 250 children in the Faour camp over the years.

Big box story

The Big Box Story Campaign is a yearly campaign which aims to provide vulnerable families at MobArt with clothes during the winter season. With the help of the volunteers, LOYAC collected and sorted winter clothes donations at the office and delivered them to the families of Faour Camps in Bekaa.

LOYAC hosted a full day workshop for the leaders and facilitators of Mobart SummerCamp with amber black. The workshop introduced the attendees on how to deal with children in camps in order to provide them with the necessary skills to communicate with the children of MobArt. .

Winter Camp

In January of 2020, MobArt hosted three international volunteers from Holland and Canada in partnership with AIESEC to participate in the ‘MobArt Winter Camp’. With the support of our local volunteers, the international volunteers delivered sessions to the MobArt students covering topics about arts, sports, theater, and dance. The Winter Camp aims at enriching the knowledge of MobArt students and supporting them on the psycho-social and personal level. At the end of the winter camp, LOYAC hosted a Winter Camp Graduation Ceremony to showcase the product of the Winter Camp and celebrate the work of the volunteers and children.

Ramadan Campaign

Through Ramadan Aid Campaign in MobArt
We were able to distribute food boxes to 65 families in the Faour Camps.
1 Box (30$) feeds one family for two weeks.

On the occasion of Eid Al Adha and with the launch of MobArt Summer Camp 2020, LOYAC delivered the Adha Distributions which include meat to 80 families in the Faour Camps in the Beqaa region.

In an effort to prevent the Faour camp in Bekaa from flooding and aiming to alleviate the harsh cold conditions during winter, LOYAC has adopted its mission to provide MobArt families with a safer environment and better protection. LOYAC volunteers went on a full-day mission and put in the hard work to cover the camp’s field with gravel. This action was accompanied by distributing two plastic sheets to each family in the camp to protect the tents from the rain.

MobArt Carnival

LOYAC hosted MobArt Carnival which is a 2-day festival full of fun and exciting games, competitions, and shows with our MobArt children in Bekaa.

On the occasion of MobArt's 5th anniversary, LOYAC organized 'Cermes and Termes' to celebrate empowering more than 80 families and 250 children in the Faour camp over the years.


Date: December 11, 2020
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