About KhairEverywhere

KhairEverywhere is a development project which aims to empower Arab women and youth by promoting handicrafts that combine innovative designers with professional handicrafts. The project works on providing these women with the opportunity to become more self-reliant and generate income after gaining the necessary skills in sewing and tailoring.

First Collection: 

Name of Collection: Dardesh
Designer: International Designer Hazem Kais
Number of pieces: 12
About the collection: This collection tells a story of the efforts that women have put into each garment, the stories they have told each other, and the emotions they have expressed while making it.

Second Collection:

Name of collection: Outside My Tent
Designer: Up-and-coming designer Safa AlBardeni
Number of pieces: 30
About the collection:This colorful collection represents the potential of the women participants where it challenges them to think outside of the box.


Date: December 11, 2020
Project Type: