Perks of being a LOYACer

perks of being a loyacer

Our intern, Rayan Deeb shared her thoughts about her journey at LOYAC.

“Young men and women sipping on their coffee, chitchatting about their aspirations and goals, complaining about the workload they have and waiting for the session to finally begin—that’s a typical afternoon at LOYAC’s office. As you enter into the room where the workshop is taking place, you realize how diverse LOYAC members are. You have students from all kind of majors, ranging from Biology, Nutrition and Engineering to Law, English and Business. LOYAC targets students from all parts of Lebanon, and joins them all in one room where their thoughts, ideas and opinions are exchanged.

As our beloved trainer Roni F. Matar would ask, “What’s your WHY” for joining LOYAC? Bluntly speaking, like most LOYACers I joined it for internships. I believed that I already had the leadership, public speaking and self-management skills. Personally, I wanted to fast forward the first two stages and benefit from the last stage of the program. I didn’t know that LOYAC had so much to offer in these workshops and volunteering opportunities. It teaches you what is not usually taught in educational institutes.

LOYAC helps you re-shape your character and it opens for you a set of opportunities. I was able to pinpoint my strengths and weaknesses, enhance my communication skills and boost my confidence even more. Throughout my entire journey with LOYAC, starting from being a member to an ambassador and finally an intern, I personally believe that LOYAC is all about the experience of being surrounded by ambitious youth who motivate you to be a better person. I strongly believe in LOYAC’s mission which is empowering youth and preparing them for the job market. We often hear people saying ‘you need experience to be able to gain experience’, and this is exactly what LOYAC provides its members. It is the first stepping stone which kicks of their careers.

As I write this, I am sitting in LOYAC’s office where I am interning for this summer. And I have to tell you, I was not aware that these workshops, sessions and community service projects require this much dedication from the employees and interns. Their work entails constant follow up with the trainers, companies and also students. They are constantly hunting opportunities for members who come from completely different majors and backgrounds. On behalf of all LOYACers, I would like to take this article as an opportunity to thank each and every individual who puts effort in providing us with numerous life-changing opportunities, no matter how small they seem. Once you’re a true LOYACer, you will understand what I mean.”

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