Dance Unit

Competition Program

Competition Program is a sport where dancers compete by performing dances in a number of permitted dance styles.

Eurasia Program

Workshops are either hosted by LOYAC or Requested externally Workshops such as dance would be held for . Dance workshops will qualify participants to enroll in future workshops for experienced dancers. Types of Dance workshops vary from Contemporary dance to hip-hop to breakdance, etc. Dance Workshops trainers must be experienced in their field

Theater Unit

Creative Collective Theater

A theater workshop where all participants write the play together and then perform after  .

Theater Factory

Theater is relatively new to LOYAC studio . Hosts are either chosen the studio for personal rehearsals or are hosting a theatrical performance.
Hours vary depending on the needs and depends on the availability of the studio . If the program is a LOYAC internal program then the participants and actors will receive certificates such as in the case of Improvisational theater workshops .

Music Unit

I SEE YOU Project

The “I See You” program provides a platform for teenagers to express their emotions and thoughts regarding the August Blast event (2020). The program culminates in a musical performance, which is attended by the teenagers’ parents.

Community Music Workers

Community music workers are professionals who use music as a tool to engage and empower individuals and communities. They work in various settings, such as schools, community centers, hospitals, and social service agencies, to facilitate musical experiences that promote social and emotional well-being, cultural understanding, and community development.

The work of community music workers involves creating and leading music programs that cater to the specific needs and interests of the communities they serve. They may work with diverse populations, including children, youth, adults, seniors, people with disabilities, and marginalized groups.

Community music workers also collaborate with other professionals, such as social workers, counselors, educators, and health care providers, to integrate music into their respective fields. They may also advocate for the importance of music in community development and social change.

Film Camp Unit

LOYAC Film Camp is a one-year program offering intensive sessions in scriptwriting, producing, cinematography, directing, production design, and editing. From script to screen, LOYAC Film Camp aims at exposing the participants nto the film industry while providing them with hands-on experience.