Dance Program

The dance program represents a dynamic collaboration between LOYAC and Eurasia, reflecting a commitment to providing enriching experiences in the realm of dance. Hosted by LOYAC or upon external request, these workshops offer a diverse range of dance styles, from contemporary dance to hip-hop and breakdance. Participants not only engage in skill-building sessions but also qualify for future advanced workshops tailored for experienced dancers. Our trainers are selected for their extensive expertise, ensuring participants receive top-notch guidance and inspiration in their dance journey.


Creative Collective Theater

In the magic of the Creative Collective Theatre program, the participants don’t just act; they become co-authors, collectively shaping a unique play from start to finish. Guided by seasoned facilitators, participants not only refine their theatrical skills but also build lasting connections.

Theater Factory

The Theatre Factory program is like a roadmap for everything in theater – acting, dancing, making costumes, and more. We don’t just focus on the technical stuff; we also help you learn how to work well with people of different ages, making the creative process fun and inclusive. By the end of the program, you won’t just be a good performer; you’ll be someone who knows a lot about how theater works and how to make a show come alive with a group of people.


I SEE YOU Project

The “I See You” program provides a platform for teenagers to express their emotions and thoughts regarding the August Blast event (2020). The program culminates in a musical performance, which is attended by the teenagers’ parents.

Community Music Workers

Community music workers are professionals who use music as a tool to engage and empower individuals and communities. They work in various settings, such as schools, community centers, hospitals, and social service agencies, to facilitate musical experiences that promote social and emotional well-being, cultural understanding, and community development.

The work of community music workers involves creating and leading music programs that cater to the specific needs and interests of the communities they serve. They may work with diverse populations, including children, youth, adults, seniors, people with disabilities, and marginalized groups.

Community music workers also collaborate with other professionals, such as social workers, counselors, educators, and health care providers, to integrate music into their respective fields. They may also advocate for the importance of music in community development and social change.