The Discovery Road Trip

Sandra Alhassany, an ILP 2015 alumni, shares her thoughts about her experience at WYSE program:

“For me, being a part of this program, made my perspective about life definite. Moreover, discovering my inner self and potentials was worth heading to Lucca, Italy, meeting other participants from diverse cultural backgrounds and having literally a second family. In addition to offering me abundant sets of professional tools, leadership skills, and plentiful principles for life direction, WYSE gave me a deep feeling that I belong to an irreplaceable global village and my community is the whole world, despite the imaginary boarders over which mankind is fighting itself for no least reason, violating humanity standards and minimum rights. It changed my vision towards the global problems, made me gain enough confidence to trust myself and believe that every one of us can make a difference regardless to what extent it’s effective, but one day it’ll be a solid base to change.

Leaving the program wasn’t like joining it, many things have changed. Since I left Lucca in the last day of the program, I promised myself that I’ll contribute in developing my community, spreading WYSE’s vision, and harnessing all what I’ve learned at ILP for the sake of helping others discover their selves besides making a difference whenever the opportunity arises. On the other hand, I can’t forget to mention Loyac, the NGO that nominated me to attend this program and the one I used to volunteer with for several years. Loyac made me a lot. In return am loyal to its family, and once I get a chance to support I’m always ready. Recently I started delivering training sessions to youth participants through the Personal and Professional Development program (PPD) (that Loyac offers), about leadership and teamwork skills. Last but not least, Loyac team’s hard work is paid off every time they see that they are putting hand in upraising responsible youth generations.”


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