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LOYAC has identified a gap in education and a vital need for student-centered learning and more detail-oriented, technique-driven, Arts education.

When it comes to acting, there are very few institutions that offer

deep vocal, body, and skills technique training at the university level.

We have many aspiring actors in the community hungry for concrete technique development.

LOYAC will bring acting coaches from diverse acting backgrounds to offer sessions in vocal training, body movement,

and dance, Sanford Meisner & Feldenkrais techniques & actioning method


Mob-Art was established in 2017, not only as a project but as a community. For 3 years on this project, our staff and 450 volunteers have worked on the inclusion of more than 60 Syrian and Lebanese Families. The project takes place in the Faour, Beqaa area, of Lebanon, which lies on Lebanon’s largest official border crossing with Syria. This community is made up of mixed Lebanese and Syrian citizens. The Lebanese citizens living in the Al-Faour area originate from Arab Bedouin tribes. They suffer from a lack of education, prejudice, and intolerance. Moreover, to the striking inequality between men and women, we witness many cases of gender-based violence and early marriage. Their community is ruled by traditions and customs and it is with great care, kindness, and self-empowerment that we work to value these customs while breaking the cycles of aggression, marginalization, and repression. At MobArt we work with women and children. Empowering women is an essential part of the program which currently serves 60 women, 20 Lebanese, and 40 Syrian. By delivering Psycho-social support and stress relieving workshops that initiate the healing process of the psychological wounds of war and rebuild stronger social structures. Human rights and gender equality awareness workshops also help to gain a better understanding of their rights.



Since the devastating Beirut Port Explosion on August 4th, 2020,

LOYAC LEBANON launched the RISE UP BEIRUT Campaign.

Rise Up Beirut Campaign is divided into three essential and complementary parts:

Crisis Management Assessment and Rehabilitation of Homes.
Clean-up of streets and private & public facilities as well as partnerships with other NGOs for community services.

Psychosocial, mental, and emotional support for our youth & the broader community through Arts & Therapy & Retreats.

Personal and Professional Development

LOYAC members organized an opening ceremony for the Personal and Professional Development program at American University of Beirut. The event gathered LOYAC’s students to help them network and get to know one other better.

Film Camp

LOYAC has identified a gap and a vital need for student-centered learning and more detail-oriented, technique-driven, Arts education. When it comes to filmmaking, there are very few institutions that offer advanced levels of refined skills training at the university level. Most students have to wait until their last year to produce or direct a film. After graduating, there are very few opportunities to make another film. Many aspiring filmmakers in the community are hungry for concrete & practical skills development. LOYAC brings filmmaking mentors from diverse filmmaking backgrounds to offer sessions in producing, directing, cinematography, scriptwriting, & editing. Over the span of eight months, the students will learn A- Z of filmmaking and we will have 5 competitive and festival-worthy short films. LOYAC FILM CAMP is one of a kind experience.


One of the most recent projects created as part of MobArt, which aimed at empowering women and giving them the right to create their own work, is the Khairvereywhere Project. It is a development project aimed to empower Arab women (and youth) by delivering vocational training as in sewing and embroidery handicrafts that combine innovative young designers with the women in the camp. The project unites 15 women (Syrian and Lebanese). This project’s vision is to empower female participation in economic activities outside their domesticity, it promotes diversification in the workplace and breaks the set gender stereotypes.

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