LOYAC Lebanon has commenced the 5th edition of Film Camp! Check out this video to learn more about the induction day of this program.

Meet the new generation of LOYAC's film camp 2021!

LOYAC organized a 2 day program 'Film Camp Retreat' in Chtoura for its Film Camp Participants. During the program, the particpants attended a master class lead by Asad Fouladkar about every aspect of filmmaking in addition to his journey.
They also joined in on other activities with the Youth commission where they developed their team building and community service skills.
At last the particpants shared a short film under the title of "Say Something" to help them choose the path that fits them most.

LOYAC's film camp participants went to Batroun last week where they joined a live seminar with the Lebanese directors: Samir Seryani and George Barbari and then joined the Batroun film festival which included local and international films.