Youth Commission

Volunteering Opportunities

The Youth Commission works on the youth’s aspirations and interests in leaving an impact on society, becoming social agents, and developing their soft and hard skills through:
1. Create volunteering opportunities for LOYAC’s community.
2. Create initiatives and activities that promote bonding with our country, land, and community.
3. Organize and execute LOYAC events and activities.
4. Developing LOYAC programs and projects through organization, planning and participation.

Literacy Program

LOYAC x KAYANI Literacy Program seeks to tutor underprivileged Palestinian women and children. The program is being implemented in Mar Elias Refugee Camp. LOYAC volunteers follow a suitable curriculum consisting of the bases of reading and writing in English. The pilot phase was kicked-off in the first week of September for 2 target groups, the first composed of the children of the camp and the other consisting of the women of the camp; each group included 10 beneficiaries. The Pilot phase concluded with 8 sessions being done in September consisting of 2 sessions per week. Later in mid-October, the second phase was initiated with a single target group consisting of 15 kids after the needed edits were done to the curriculum and the lesson plans. The second phase of the program is estimated to conclude in the first week of December where new beneficiaries will be targeted and the program will stay ongoing.

Plantation Program

LOYAC x APN: A sustainable plantation program focused on reforestation, community engagement, and ecological restoration. It aims to establish diverse plantations, uplift rural communities, and combat environmental degradation while promoting long-term sustainability.

Health Team

Medical Donations Campaign Program

Through an extensive collaboration with LOYAC Kuwait, we were able to gather medical donations, namely medications from generous donors. Upon arrival, these medications were matched with the needs of LOYAC community members, and were disctrubted accordingly. The majority of the beneficiares were part of teh Rise-Up Beirut campaigns.

Breast Cancer Awarness campaign

Two workshops were delivered for beneficiaries residing in Beirut or in MobArt to women whose ages were above 35, to educate them about Breats Cancer risk factors, its prevention, and methods they can use for early detection. Women of MobArt also received a calender where they can record any symptoms or changes in their breast. Moroever, educational videos about the same topic were recorded and posted on the LOYAC Lebanon Instargram page to reach a broader audience.

Anger Management Workshop

The workshop was thoughtfully organized into a 90-minute session, carefully divided into distinct segments to maximize engagement and learning. The session kicked off with an icebreaker, creating a friendly and open atmosphere for participants to connect. Following the icebreaker, the introduction set the stage for the workshop’s goals and expectations. Two purposeful activities were seamlessly integrated, allowing participants to actively apply concepts and skills. The session concluded with a closing segment, providing a platform for feedback and reflection. This structured approach ensured a well-rounded and impactful experience for all participants within the allocated time frame.

SGBV Workshop

Conducted as a presentation focusing on Sexual and Gender-Based Violence (SGBV), the workshop was skillfully delivered by a core member of the LOYAC’s Health team to the dedicated volunteers of LOYAC Lebanon, with a primary focus on those actively involved in volunteering with LHT. The session aimed to raise awareness and impart crucial insights into the complexities of SGBV, providing volunteers with essential knowledge and tools to navigate this sensitive issue. The expertise of the LHT core member added depth to the discussion, ensuring that participants received a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter within the context of their volunteering efforts.

Stress Management Workshop

Conducted by dedicated LOYAC volunteers under the watchful guidance of core members from the health team, the workshop was carefully structured to ensure an engaging and informative experience. Commencing with an icebreaker session to foster a comfortable atmosphere, the workshop seamlessly transitioned into an introduction, setting the stage for the core objectives. The heart of the session unfolded through three purposeful activities, each designed to actively involve participants and contribute to the overall learning goals. This well-organized structure allowed for a dynamic and enriching workshop, combining the enthusiasm of volunteers with the expertise of the health team’s core members.

Pharmasafety 101 Workshop

Facilitated by dedicated LOYAC volunteers under the vigilant guidance of core members from the health team, the workshop unfolded as a dynamic and interactive discussion. Participants engaged in a meaningful exchange with LHT (Lebanese Health Team) members, fostering a collaborative atmosphere for knowledge sharing. This unique format allowed for an open dialogue between the audience and workshop leaders, creating a platform for questions, insights, and a deeper understanding of the subject matter. The involvement of both volunteers and core members contributed to a rich and participatory learning experience, enhancing the overall impact of the workshop.

CARE Clinic Medical Consultations Service

The selection of the right-holders for assistance was meticulously conducted, drawing from our comprehensive database and prioritizing individuals based on their urgent physical health needs. The most critical cases were identified, and these individuals were provided with free medical consultations and necessary tests through CARE clinic and affiliated entities at AUBMC. In total, eight patients received invaluable support, ensuring that those facing the most pressing health challenges received the necessary medical attention and care.


MobArt Program

Nestled in the Bekaa region, our camp extends critical support to over 80 families, primarily consisting of Syrian refugees and vulnerable Lebanese communities. Our multifaceted approach encompasses educational empowerment with classes in English, Math, Human Rights, Drama, and Drawing, fostering cognitive development and creativity. Throughout the year, we host Winter and Summer Camps, providing a diverse range of educational and recreational activities. Recognizing the harsh living conditions, the camp also facilitates fuel distribution, ensuring basic needs for warmth and cooking. Additionally, we actively contribute to cultural and religious celebrations, organizing Adha Meat Distribution and Ramadan Food Distribution, reinforcing a sense of community and alleviating the challenges faced by those within the camp.

RiseUp Beirut

RiseUp Beirut

A campaign that was directly launched as a result of Beirut’s Blast.
It covered (Construction of 200+ homes, Medication, Psychosocial support gatherings, Christmas gatherings)

Kheir Everywhere

Kheir Everywhere

A brand where fashion designers draw designs and women in rural areas executes it. It is a program that leads to empower women everywhere in Lebanon through fashion industry with handmade and cultural work like emroidery.