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Youth Engagement In Beirut

This publication shares the findings of a one-year assessment on youth engagement in the urban governance of Beirut. The “Youth Engagement Index in Beirut” project was developed in 2017 and co-funded by the European Union within the framework of the regional program Med Culture. The Youth Engagement Index project was implemented by URBEGO, NAHNOO, Architects For Change and LOYAC LEBANON. This project aims to explore the limits and potentials of youth involvement in policy-making process at the city levels of Beirut.

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Perks of Being a LOYACer

“I didn’t know that LOYAC had so much to offer in these workshops and volunteering opportunities. It teaches you what is not usually taught in educational institutes.”

Our intern, Rayan Deeb shared her thoughts about her journey at LOYAC.


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perks of being a loyacer
why loyac matters

Why LOYAC Matters

“Amidst political turmoil children grow up to acts of violence, and sights of terror. They grow up not knowing what peace really is. To many, peace is the passing of a day without unnecessary fatalities; however, the lingering fear that a bomb is around the corner, or that a riot might break out a block away is not peace. So it is of no great surprise that children grow up to not care about personal and professional development, but rather they grow up to learn how to fight rather than resolve. This is where LOYAC Lebanon steps in; they teach them values of conflict resolution, and the values of volunteerism.”

Our intern Fares Serhan shared his thoughts about Why LOYAC Matters.

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