LOYAC Lebanon launched the second edition of ActingLab. Check out this video to learn more the induction day of this program!

Meet the new generation of LOYAC's Acting Lab 2021!

LOYAC organized a 3 day program ' Acting Lab Retreat' in Tabarja for its Acting Lab Participants ( Age group: 18+) . During this program, the participants attended 3 different masterclasses given by Joelle Homsi training them 'Emotions by movements', Ibrahim Ibrahim 'Vocals', and Lea Chahine 'Lyrical dance'. The participants also joined in on other activities with the Youth commission where they developed their team building and community service skills.

The Acting Lab Participants ( Age group 9-13) reconnected with Nature. During the Covid 19-lockdown, Kids were no longer able to indulge in extracurricular activities. thus, this trip was necessary for them to let out all their pent-up energy by playing in the open field and discovering new things!